Wink Video Retouching Tool Vs Remini Video Enhancer App 

Since social media has become so popular, now everyone wants to appear their best in videos, reels, and shorts. Powerful retouching apps like Wink and Remini can help with it. Selfie videos & portraits are enhanced by AI using simple editing tools. But which app does it better?

More than this people are using it for video Quality enhancement in which both provide incredible results. At last, as a visual content creator, I’ll give my honest review. Let’s compare the Wink Video Retouching Tool Vs Remini Video Enhancer App in detail so you can pick the right one for Instant editing!

Retouching Features Battle between Wink Vs Remini

Both the latest Wink quality app and Remini photo enhancer offer impressive and realistic facial adjustments to make you look camera-ready. Wink quality enhancers provide features like smoothing skin, slim jawlines, brightening eyes, plumps lips, and more based on customizable presets. Remini lacks these options in videos and allows you only 1500 Mb per week and you can only upload 60 MB or fewer video clips to be enhanced but you found multiple options to enhance photos.

Retouching Features Battle between Wink Vs Remini

For body tuning, Wink provides targeted slimming of arms, legs, tummies, etc. Remini lacks specific body reshaping tools beyond the face. The Remini app can remove blemishes, but Wink gives more control like reducing pore size, brightening under the eyes, and reshaping eyebrows with manual adjustments.

Wink also enables makeup filters like eyeshadow, eyeliner, and blush for complete makeovers.  Remini applies uniform correction across faces for overall improved lighting, clarity, and blemish cleanup and you can turn your blurry photos into sharp ones.

Comparing the Latest Editing Features Between Wink and Remini

Remini Video editor Features
Remini Video Editor Features

Both the Wink video editing app and the Remini photo enhancer app allow basic editing like trimming clips, adding text, rotating, and cropping. Wink has more creative filters, overlays, stickers, and visual effects. The Remini enhancer app focuses more on optimization presets rather than effects.

Additionally, For speed and duration, Wink offers extra features i.e. slow motion, speed curve, and freeze frames. Remini lacks these options. Wink can fine-tune audio, detect silence, merge audio, and beat sync. Remini simply provides audio with background music as they are more focused on photo editing options.

Winner: Wink provides a much more complete package of customization and editing features.

Interface of Latest Version Remini vs Wink-Video Retouching Tool

In terms of user experience, Wink and Remini both are easy to use a beginner can also edit videos like a pro. The Wink video enhancer app has a straightforward timeline editor with clearly marked icons, ideal for beginners. Remini uses simplified viewer-only interface options Like adding Photos, Video, and Avatars.

Wink Video Enhancer Features
Wink Video Enhancer Features

Wink editor provides also one-tap video quality enhancement as well as individual options which are very user-friendly and save time. Remini Ai photo enhancer relies on set filters and needs less input thanks to broad correction presets. But the Wink editing app gives more control for customizing looks and multiple editing features.

Overall, Wink video enhancer strikes a nice balance of being easy to pick up yet retaining creative control.

Output Quality of Meitu Wink Video Enhancer vs. Remini Editing App

Both Meitu Wink and Remini editing apps are famous for adding extra quality and converting low quality video into a cinematic shot. At max settings on phones, both apps can export up to 4K but are limited to free features. But Wink has more resolution, codec, and size options.

Remini editing app provides only MP4 format and standard aspect ratios. Wink allows exporting to MOV, GIF, and custom layouts. As per the video quality comparison, the Wink app offers multiple options for providing the best results at 4K 60 Fps. But the Wink quality enhancer app takes more space for exporting videos as compared to Remini.

Pros and Cons of Wink Video Retouching Tool Vs Remini Video Enhancer App 

Here is a table comparing the pros and cons of Wink video retouching and the Remini photo enhancer app:

ProsMultiple facial reshaping tools
Body slimming capabilities
Has anime effects to turn you into a character
Lets you save custom settings
One-tap enhancement presets
Very easy interface for mobile
Lots of photo editing options
Available in many languages
ConsCan take more time to export videos
Only works on mobile officially
Some features are limited in the free version
Only 3 exports per day in AI Repair in free
Limited video editing capabilities
Only can edit 1500 Mb videos per week
Max upload size 60 Mb for clips
Annoying ads in the free version

Availability of  Both Apps

When it comes to platform options Remini provides an additional Web version for making editing faster on your desktop. But if you are looking for a Wink desktop version you have to use an emulator to run the Wink app on your laptop. Other than this both offer mobile apps for iOS in the App Store and Android app in the Play Store

Wink Video Retouching Tool Vs Remini Video Enhancer App 

Both are lightweight apps that don’t require high-end phones and the latest operating system. Instead of using expensive and required high-specification software like Adobe Aftereffects and Premiere Pro, these apps work the same on PC.

While both Wink and Remini offer free versions, upgrading unlocks additional capabilities. Here’s how the paid tiers compare:

Wink High Quality Video Enhancer Paid Features

Wink’s offers monthly and yearly paid subscriptions:

  • Unlimited HD and 4K at 60Fps exports without showing ads
  • Advanced AI animation effects like an Anime character
  • More templates, overlays, and unlocked Features
  • Object removal and background-expanding editing tools
  • Unlimited use of Color Grading and Audio tools
  • Interpolation Feature Access for Smoothness
  • One tap Enhancement with AI Repair

Latest Version Remini Paid Features

Remini’s Ai Photo enhancer offers weekly paid subscription:

  • Unlimited high-resolution photo exports without showing annoying Ads
  • Enhanced facial detail and expression retaining
  • Full body-length photo support and background expanding
  • Batch processing of multiple photos
  • Unlimited Export for enhancing Pixels
  • Convert into realistic AI Avatar
  • Get multiple Filters i.e. Oil painting and Face Animator

Final Words

Both applications utilize AI-smart technology to transform a standard video into a cinematic clip. but if want detailed and manual editing options then Winks takes the privilege here because Remini keeps things straightforward with one-touch changes. A quick fix when you need to look good fast but you have to deal with Annoying Ads after every change in clips if you are using Free Trail of Remini. 

As per years of experience as a digital creator, If you want me to choose over Wink Video Retouching Tool Vs Remini Video Enhancer App I would suggest you go with the Wink Retouching tool due to its multiple features it comes with a complete package of video editing. Remini offers very limited features in the Trail version and focuses more options in photos instead of videos. If you are looking for a Premium Wink Quality Enhancer Tool for Android you Download it for free.

Source Youtube: Wink vs Remini

Does Wink give you more control over editing videos than Remini?

Definitely! With the Wink retouching tool, you can customize all kinds of things like facial features, creative effects, audio, etc. Remini just has simple one-touch filters for quick edits for videos which is not sufficient for a video editor.

Is the free version of Remini limited compared to Wink?

Yes, a free Remini photo enhancer has limited options for video length and quality. But free Wink still gives you excellent editing capabilities which is enough for a beginner.

Remini vs. Wink Which app is quicker and simpler for basic touch-ups?

Remini – its whole thing is automated, one-click enhancements. So if you just need to look better fast, Remini’s got you covered but if you want some manual edits then Wink video enhancer might be a good option.

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