Are you stuck on Exporting HD quality instead of 4K with limited features using the Wink retouching tool APK? Download the latest version Wink video enhancer mod Apk for Android and Enjoy all Vip Unlocked Features.

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Wink Mod APK Video Retouching tool Download [Premium features + No Ads]

If you are a content creator or a social video influencer and you do not have expensive gadgets to make High-quality professional videos? no need to worry by using the Wink mod APK Video Retouching tool you can make your reels, and shorts more appealing and extra quality addition by using advanced AI-powered retouching capabilities.

The reason for being the most famous among all other Tools is the Wink video editing tool is to convert low-quality video into realistic Highest quality export which most users use in Instagram Reels, Facebook, TikTok, and all other social Platforms to increase followers rapidly.

In this article, we provide you the tips and tricks for using the Latest Version of the VIP unlocked Wink video retouching tool with no VPN and also discuss all the premium features that enhance the video quality at 4K.

Top Features of WINK MOD APK: VIP Unlock Features for Free

We will discuss the Detailed Pro Features Step by Step below and also provide you the Tips to enhance your skills by using the AI-powered retouching capabilities of Updated Wink Video Editor.

AI Repair Features – Quality Enhancer Latest Update

The most famous and favorite feature of the latest version of Wink video editor is AI Repair which is recently added to the Menu. The Wink app provides more accurate video repair and restoration capabilities through the use of artificial intelligence. AI repair feature is a complete package for quick advanced video editing. 

Using the Standard app AI repairing feature you can edit and export only 10 videos per day and using the Mod version of the Wink apk offers unlimited exports. Let’s explore more features provided in AI Repair. 

Image Quality – Video Beautification

This application is capable of analyzing footage to remove artifacts, noise, and banding, all of which decrease image quality. This incredible feature is specially designed for Reels, Tiktok, and Short videos. Skin texture is enhanced and clear while remaining naturally smooth.

For well-balanced videos, brightness, contrast, and vibrance levels are automatically optimized. Artificial intelligence approaches boost overall clarity and detail.

Super Resolution – 4K at 60 Fps

Wink uses AI modeling to upscale footage beyond camera restrictions to increase video resolution. To obtain clean 4K exports at 60 frames per second from lower-resolution sources, realistic detail is synthesized. The results are free of unrealistic distortions or blurring. After applying Super Resolution you will feel a huge difference.

Night View – Low Light Fixing

No need to worry if you are capturing reels, shorts, or videos in dim light. Wink enhances dark shadows in low-light films to show details without compromising the intended tone and mood. Intelligent noise reduction methods that maintain texture are used. The ultimate end result is brighter night scenery.

AI Color – Eye-Catching Color Grading

Color grading is a time taken work and also difficult to balance colors but the Wink video retouching tool apk can automatically restore fading color vibrance to vibrant levels in the short video with faded colors. A smart analysis is used for fixing white balance problems and applying professional color grading for users to enhance video quality.

Frame Interpolation

Wink video editing software artificially develops interim frames that provide flowing smooth footage optimized for seamless slow-motion playback when converting Short videos to slo-mo. There will be no Distortion after Exporting. It will convert a simple video into Cinematic Feel.

Anti-Shake – Enhance Stabilization

It is very difficult to capture stabilized videos by Hand and not always carry gadgets like Gimbel for stabilization so Anti-shake is the key to stabilizing your shaky videos. Shaky videos are stabilized using motion tracking algorithms that keep footage very smooth and stable without skewing viewpoints. The end result is judder-free handheld camera action.

Transform Videos into Animations with Wink AI Power

Nowadays AI Anime feature in the updated version of Wink-video retouching tool is very popular on social media platforms like Instagram reels, Tiktok, and short videos. People love to play with their videos with different effects and it’s a very trendy feature.

Do you want to transform your videos into anime masterpieces? Wink offers incredible AI skills to make anime magic happen!

  • Go to the “Anime AI” section of Wink’s effects menu. You’ll discover plenty of great anime-style effects to Apply like Model Face, Wink, idol, manga, and many more.
  • Begin by applying “Anime Eyes” to characters to give them those characteristic huge, expressive anime peepers. Adjust the size and angle of the eyes to your choice.
  • Use the “Anime Hair” effect to get the traditional anime colorful spiky hair. Choose wild hair colors and see them come to life, looking right out of an anime!
  • Try the “Full Anime” filter if you want to go full-out anime. The entire video is stylized in that hand-drawn anime look as a result of this. That’s awesome!
  • Add the “Anime Twinkle” effect to make your anime glitter. From which to choose

Note: In the standard version of Wink retouching mod app you can’t access this feature. You have to pay for the Anime feature or Free Download wink-video retouching tool mod apk.

Customizable Watermark Pro Feature

Wink’s watermark function does not relate to the app’s own branding watermark like other video editors. Rather, it allows you to apply customized watermarks to videos.

Wink’s watermark function does not relate to the app’s own branding watermark. Rather, it allows you to apply customized watermarks to videos! This is an excellent method for personalizing your exported videos and preventing unauthorized use. By using Wink video retouching tool Apk you can add watermarks with your name, social handles, logo, or any text you want over your footage.

To use it, go to the Overlays tab and select Watermark. You’ll see options to pick colors, fonts, size, opacity, and position. Add whatever text you want to apply as your watermark. Place it wherever on the screen that will not interfere with the activity. Make it semi-transparent so it will blend nicely and not affect the video look.

Body Tuner Feature of Wink Video Editor

If you are too much conscious about your Physique nothing to worry about. The feature of Wink video includes transforming the appearance of your body in videos, the best video editor works for you like a virtual cosmetic surgeon!

You may change the shape of your entire body under the “Body Tuner” option. Change the shape of your body by making it broader, thinner, longer, or shorter. Make your physique appear thinner or thicker. Small adjustments may have a tremendous impact.

You can also tune individual parts of your body. Make legs look longer and thinner. Give arms more muscle shape. Make your neck look slimmer. Make shoulders wider. Lots of options to make yourself the fittest without losing the video quality.

Use the waist and hip tool for your lower body. Reduce the size of your waist. Increase the size of your hips. The Wink Quality app may help you get your ideal physique! But don’t go crazy; keep it natural. You can make little or large adjustments. Wink Pro apk gives you control over your body. Look your best in videos to feel secure!

Fine Tune Wink video Retouching Tool

A lot of people around us avoid cameras because of their facial complexes like the extra jawline, pimples, etc. With the latest version of Wink’s app “Fine Tune” tool provides you to change specific parts of your face.

Use the face tool to make your cheeks slimmer, your jawline sharper, or change your forehead. Adjust your whole face shape. The eyes tool lets you make eyes bigger, and brighter, and change their shape and spacing. You can also add more eyelash volume while keeping natural. 

Use the nose tool to change the size and shape of your nose. Adjust the bridge, nostrils, and tip. The eyebrows tool lets you reshape eyebrows. Make them thicker, change the arch, and adjust the length. You can also fix stray hair. The mouth tool is used to improve your smile by plumping your lips, adjusting their form and size, and whitening your teeth. Wink utilizes artificial intelligence to keep face changes realistic. You have the ability to create your own beauty standards.

Additional Unlocked Pro Features of Wink Retouching Tool Apk

Beyond core facial and body beautification features, Wink Mod Apk quality enhancer provides additional professional retouching capabilities.

Makeup: The Makeup tools let you add eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, lipstick, and more like. No need to make up before making vlogs and the best part is it will keep natural and realistic.

Skin Details: The Skin Details tools make your skin look flawless. It evens out texture, erases wrinkles, and removes dark spots from the face. Having natural clear skin is a blessing but now using the wink video retouching tool mod apk overcome the complexes and start making videos.

Contour: One more Additional feature is Contour tools shape your cheeks, jaw, nose, and more. It looks natural, not harsh. If you’re facing any dark spot it will remove it naturally and highlight your skin.

Plump Skin: Plump Skin makes your skin look hydrated and youthful, not dry. If you are facing skin problems no need to worry make your skin Glassy.

Auto Beauty: Sometimes it takes time to edit videos manually if you are in a hurry and Don’t want to edit manually? Use the Auto Beauty features of Wink video retouching and Wink will retouch your whole video automatically with AI. Don’t worry it will keep the quality good because Wink works on AI commands.

Smart Cutout: Smart Cutout makes it simple for removing people or objects from the background. You don’t have to spend time masking them. If you are in a crowded place and you don’t need them in your video just remove them using the Smart Cutout feature of Wink enhancer mod apk.

Transitions: You can apply multiple Transitions for making your video into a masterpiece. Create seamless scene changes with fades, wipes, and a bundle of creative transitions.

Text & Graphics: Stylize videos with custom text, stickers, filters, and animations.

Speed Control: You can Speed up or slow down the clip playback for dramatic effect. It won’t affect the video quality even if the video gets more smooth without feeling any stuckness.

Aspect Ratios: People love to post on different social media this app also offers to Convert formats for any social media platform.

Wink has all the special effects you need for revolutionary video editing. Wink-video retouching tool apk provides us with all the necessary features in 1 editing app. No need to download other tools separately.

System Requirements for Android

Here are the minimum system requirements for the Wink retouching tool mod APK on Android:

ComponentMinimum Requirement
Android OSAndroid 6.0 or newer (Lollipop, Marshmallow, etc)
CPUQuad-core, 1.2GHz or faster
RAM2GB or higher
Storage150 MB free space
PermissionsAccess to photos, media, storage, camera
InternetRequired for downloading mod
RootNot required

Method For Download & Installing Wink Video Retouching Tool Mod Apk

Finding a genuine Wink editor Apk for Android might be difficult because several websites provide the wrong versions. But don’t worry, we tried this Wink Pro mod APK app for Android and it works well with all Vip unlocked features without using VPN! Simply click the icon DOWNLOAD to start downloading.

Let’s get the Wink Vip unlocked Apk installed on your Android device. Just follow these simple guide:

  • Open your browser and return here to download the mod APK file.
  • Find the Wink Latest Mod APK you just downloaded in your Files Manager. Might be stored in Download Folder.
  • To begin the installation, tap on the APK file.
  • To install, you may need to activate “Unknown Sources” in Settings. Don’t worry it will not affect your security and privacy. Whenever you download an Apk file from outsource you have to provide permission for this.
  • When asked, select “Install” to continue the installation process it will take less than 30 seconds.
  • Wait a few seconds for everything to finish

Boom, you are capable to use the Wink mod version with the full premium features experience, with no restrictions for limited features. 

Why Use Latest Wink Mod Apk Video Editor

Being a professional video editor and content creator I would suggest you Download the Wink mod APK video Retouching tool. No doubt, this app uses AI technology very accurately the outcome results are incredible especially if you are a short video lover or a content creator on social media platforms. 

Final Words

Being a professional video editor and content creator I would suggest you Download the Wink mod APK video Retouching tool. No doubt, this app uses AI technology very accurately the outcome results are incredible especially if you are a short video lover or a content creator on social media platforms. 

The most trendy and favorite feature of this retouching tool is AI repair it will work the same as Adobe After Effects. It will enhance your video quality and color grading to the next level. If you want to grow your audience go for this app. We are here to keep you updated regarding the Latest Wink VIP mod apk for Android devices. Read out the article if you are interested to How to Download and Install Wink Video Retouching Tool on PC 

Source: YouTube Android Ultra
NameWink friends & more
RequiresAndroid 6.0 and up
LicensePro/Mod Unlocked

Related FAQ

It works on Android 6.0 and above. Just make sure your device meets the minimum requirements to work properly.

 No, the Anime effect is only unlocked in the premium or mod version for free. The standard app requires payment per video. 

The mod unlocks all premium features like unlimited exports, AI anime effects, and advanced AI video repair for free. The standard has limits unless you pay.

You need the internet to download the mod version, and for some features, you have the internet to apply effects.